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ATLAN ADVANCE MANAGEMENT SL (ATLAN) is a certified real estate credit intermediary (INTERMEDIARIO DE CRÉDITO INMOBILIARIO). Certification and supervision carried out by the The Bank of Spain. ATLAN provides to clients and investors an access to a credit and real estate assets in Spain through the tailored credit solutions, including credit portfolio management, credit administration, agency services, legal services, securitization services and collateral administration. We are proud member of AIF (Association of Investment Advisory Professionals).

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Investments in credit

The ATLAN team consists of experienced professionals with a top-notch qualification in the field of credit and underwriting. One of our areas of specialization includes credit and risk management services, where we achieve high results through broad spectre of tailored solutions. ATLAN can provide these services as for the entire portfolio, within its allocated part, as a separate solution or as part of a broader integration.

Non-performing Loans

ATLAN has an extensive experience in working with Non-performing Loans (NPLs) and structured transactions, and has a wide network of trusted counterparties and reliable partners. On top of this, the ATLAN team has all the necessary knowledge of regional specifics, which allows them to actively participate throughout the life cycle of the investment — from its sourcing and due diligence, then through administration and up to the monetization.

Credit Administration

ATLAN has a full-scale credit administration facility, delivering high-tech servicing solutions which includes legal implementation, disbursement, collateral management, credit file management, legal collections, reporting and tax advice. Investors assets integrity and safety are fully protected with the help of ATLAN’s deep and diverse knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology.

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ATLAN has a local presence in Spain. We have built a team of talented multidisciplinary professionals with in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience in the region. We believe that our team is our unique asset. By actively recruiting experienced personnel ATLAN offers a comprehensive service to clients and investors.

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Mobile Application for Investors (.app) provides in real time full investment statistics across all portfolios, analytics, charts, KPI data etc.

Loan case

Thorough information about particular loan and borrower, collected throughout the life cycle of the investment and presented in real time. This section of the app gives to the investor online access to the most important portfolio aspects.


This section of the .app is devoted to the payment discipline of the borrower. Data is updated in real time using the proprietary API and is collected from the relevant banks in a fully automatic mode.

Loan Map

Overview of loans collateral in the form of a 3D map, including appraisal lists, actual market prices, obtained from one of the largest statistics databases on real estate market in Spain.

Map 360° view

Overview of loans collateral, in the form of a 360-view map. It gives to investors an opportunity to check neighborhood and surrounding landscape in a street-view mode and get more precise information about the collateral.

Map analytics

Collateral portfolio with geographically attributed objects, including standard and custom information, available online.


This section of the app acts as a specialized repository for all documents, that are important throughout the life cycle of the collateral. Thoroughly selected and verified information is available in real time.


ATLAN's API was built in order to ensure fully customizable, fast and efficient access of investors to their data, i.e. collaterals, portfolio, analytics etc., as well with capability to export information. We are able to distribute information in the most common formats, such us .pdf, xls, .csv etc.


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